❀ Our History

Zainab Center was established by Shaykh Ahmad Arshad and his wife, Aalimah Humera Ahmad 21 years ago in November 2003 as one of the first online institutions in America for women's Islamic Education. An organization grounded in the fundamental principles of Bir and Taqwa, Zainab Center has taken a modern pedagogical and methodological approach to our centuries-old sacred, traditional, classical Islamic Scholarship and Spirituality. In recent years, Zainab Center has expanded its educational programming to brothers, youth and children as well. Most programs are conducted online, giving the additional benefit of learning from the comfort of our homes. Thousands have benefitted around the world from the quality instruction and Islamic (tarbiyah) provided by the qualified and dedicated teachers of Zainab Center.

❀ Our Mission

Establishing circles of learning and spirituality across Muslim communities. Creating spaces of Taa'leem, Tarbiyah and Tazkiyyah, online and onsite, through developing programming for brothers, sisters, youth and children that reinforces our Muslim identity and deepens our connection with Allah.

❀ Our Vision

Transformation of ourselves through seeking knowledge (Ilm) that benefits us, progressing through refinement of our actions (A’maal), emptying our hearts from all but Allah and attaining sincerity (ikhlas), creating and developing beauty and excellence (Ihsan) in our lives.